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About us

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Grow Group Azerbaijan LLC.
Grow Group Azerbaijan is one of the first and leading companies in our country engaged in modern greenhouse activities

Grow Group Azerbaijan is one of the first and leading companies in our country engaged in modern greenhouse activities.

Operating since 2009, Grow Group Azerbaijan contributes to the development of the non-oil industry, to the growth of production and export in the country, as well as to the further development and recognition of the Made in Azerbaijan brand.

Built by Grow Group Azerbaijan, greenhouse systems are equipped using high quality materials that meet world standards.

Since its inception, the company has partnered with such famous brands such as Richel, France, and Stolze, Netherlands, offering the sale, reconstruction and installation of fully automated greenhouses. In addition, the list of company's partners includes such global brands as: Meteor systems, Mardenkro, Menno, Grodan, Pelemix, Pascal, Bato, Bogaerts, Priva, Bucon, Plastika Kritis, Netafim, Step Systems.

Grow Group Azerbaijan, a leader in the application of advanced technologies in Azerbaijan, annually participates in agricultural exhibitions both in our country and abroad, sharing its experience, the latest methods and instruments with local farmers to increase the quality and export volumes of vegetables.

Grow Group Azerbaijan LLC has expanded scope of its activity and today is divided into several departments specializing in various fields and operating independently.

1. Baku Greenhouse Complex – Engaged in production of tomatoes and other vegetables on an area of 20 hectares.

2. Growers’ Market - Supplies all types of greenhouses, located inside and outside the country, with the necessary equipment, systems and materials.

3. Stolze Caspian - Local representative of Stolze International BV, one of the most successful companies in Europe for irrigation, climate control and heating systems for greenhouses.

4. Grow Group is also a representative of RICHEL - one of the most advanced companies in France and Europe for the production of structures for glass and plastic greenhouses.

5. Consulting - Offers agronomic consultancy and provides essential advices for other greenhouses in the field of construction, maintenance and procurement. 

6. Grow Construction - Turnkey construction of new greenhouse complexes, as well as construction and installation of various greenhouse systems separately.

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